WONDERWHEEL Recordings is back with another set of songs from it’s diverse pallet of releases. OnNickodemus’ DJ travels he met up with these fine MC’s & producer Wriggly Scott (aka DJ Solo) for the making of“A DUBAI MINUTE” (release date Dec 2012). The experience working with them has been smooth & easy… they blend right in with the WONDERWHEEL family. Wriggly Scott is originally from the UK but has been residing in the Middle East for the last ten years. A self-confessed hip hop purist, Scott has become an integral part of the local scene working with similarly like-minded artists from the UAEand across the region. His latest release is an honest depiction of his influences since his formative years of growing up with hip hop in the early 90s to his years living abroad, teaming-up once more with his long-term collaborators Feras Ibrahim (aka Toofless), Jibberish and also the renowned local soul vocalist Hamdan Al Abri.

On the lead track ‘Back And Forth’ we hear a delicate jazz piano sample coupled with a thick bassline and hard, yet swinging drums reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest. This provides the background for Feras Ibrahim’s self-exploratory rhymes set above Hamdan Al Abri’s mesmerizing harmonies. On the track ‘Names’ Scott combines slick instrumentation with loose percussion sequencing to provide the organic groove that is often missing from a lot of contemporary hip hop, whilst the two MCs trade bars skillfully. On the third track ‘The Ish’ he provides a lounge hip hop vibe whilst Jibberish laces the beat with humorous metaphors, questioning where is the soul in much of modern-day music.