Brand new 12” on Wonderwheel from Italian producer DJ Khalab, previously notable for a string of buzzy solo releases on Clap!Clap!’s Black Acre Records. Khalab teams up with prolific Malian master musician and Griot singer Baba Sissoko for an exploration into deep, minimal experimental African/Electronic sounds. On the “A” side “Kumu” is a dark, glitchy four to the floor track with bubbling synths, live percussion and Baba Sissoko’s unmistakeable voice, while German producer Harmonious Thelonious aka Stefan Schwander (Antonelli Electr., Repeat Orchestra, Rhythm Maker) stretches out the tracks inherent minimalism while tastefully beefing up the drums, adding synth flourishes and well timed drops. On the flip, “Kumu” is a more acoustic vocal and Xalam driven track with stuttering electronic growls and groans and minimal percussion. London based Ibibio Sound Machine (Soundway Records) brings the funk into the mix with keyboard stabs, guitars, and a super catchy bassline and plenty of synthesizer explorations.